Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Full Circle

Recently, I've been finding out that I have a lack of words to describe this summer.  People always ask how you're doing, how your summer is going, what all you've been up to, etc., and I have nothing to tell them.  Not that nothing has happened but quite the opposite.  Since my last post, I traveled to see extended family in New Garden, Ohio, was in Maine for about a month, went to a wedding in Mississippi, and spent a week in Guatemala.  In two days I move into my dorm to begin my junior year in college.  Everything is almost overwhelming, in a good way I must add.  Since I already mentioned that I'm currently at a loss for words as to what's been going on in my life, I think I'll just add some pictures from my recent activities and let those be the thousands of words I cannot seem to find.  The few words I have resonated with are that this summer, my life has come full circle.

Kayaking my days away into the Maine sunsets

Sailing in Maine

Pit stop in Oxford, MS. One of the greatest places on earth

Getting to watch my sister be the maid of honor in our friend Morgan's wedding

Getting to hang out with my oldest friend in the whole entire world

 Getting to hang out with this guy for a week :)

And getting to love on my second family

Full Circle.

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