Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Christo Vive

Greetings from Guatemala!  So far this trip has been nothing short of amazing.  Our flights went well and upon arrival we met up with Steve and enjoyed a lovely lunch at Pollo Campero.  Then we went to La Senda where we got our giant list of stuff to work on throughout the week and took a tour of the area.  Yesterday we were busy teaching math, listening to all the school kid's english, painted a fence, washed sheets and towels, washed windows, moved metal and wood, and did many other random things throughout the day.  I have been so blessed with the opportunity to teach Math to many different ages while I'm here, as well as homeschool the English's two biological children.  The kids are so precious and I love that I already know all of them.  It truly feels like a second home here.  But as for right now I must go because homeschooling calls....

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Twas The Night Before...

Well, you'd think I'd be used to this day because it comes once every summer. However, I always end up running around like a crazy person, throwing things in my suitcase, freaking out because I misplaced my passport, and never getting any sleep. Yes, that's right, twas the night before Guatemala.  This year will be a little different due to the fact that I'm going to La Senda with Asbury students instead of my old youth group.  I think it'll be good though. New people, new memories.  It still seems surreal that at this time tomorrow I will be with my friends in a completely different country visiting my other friends whom I love so dearly.  I absolutely cannot wait for everything God is going to bless us with on this trip.  I ask that anyone who reads this feel compelled to pray for us during this next week.  And you can also follow our trip on our blog which will be updated hopefully every day:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Babysitting...or Parenting Training?

Well, a good friend pointed out that my desire to "commit to blogging" has already failed. So I guess that means it's time for a new post.  Like I said in my last post, my summer job is to babysit twin 8 yr old boys and their 10 yr old sister.  The first day, the twins climbed on each others shoulders to sneak cookies out of the pantry.  Needless to say they are a handful and are keeping me busy.

So far I've gotten to play with horses, chickens, cats, dogs, do some gardening, and make a gazillion lunches.  Expanding on the playing with cats involved one day where I just kept the boys.  One of their cats, Midnight, is fat.  Extremely fat.  Well, the boys thought it would be a good idea to make Midnight "lose pounds," then they proceeded to chase the poor cat around the house for about an hour.  Which then caused them to want to weigh the cat and check if it "lost pounds."  They claim it lost 2.  The rest of the day the poor cat lay panting in a corner.  More stories to come.  Until then, enjoy a picture of some of the kids.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Turning A New Leaf

Well...considering it has been an entire other semester since I've updated this blog, it's obvious I'm HORRIBLE at blogging.  It's been about an entire year since I first created this blog, and I feel like I should either commit to blogging or delete it, so here's my attempt to commit.  There's no way I could update about the past semester so I might as well jump to the present.  Most important things first then:  it's summer.  The greatest time of the year.  Hands down.

So far this summer has consisted of me panicking trying to find a job.  That resulted in God, yet again, proving to me His faithfulness in providing plenty of opportunities to get the money I need to pay for the necessities.  My main job this summer will be babysitting three siblings, which will start on Tuesday so I'm sure plenty of future blog posts will be concerning that.

What I have gotten to do is travel to Oxford, Mississippi for the sister's graduation from Ole Miss.  This resulted in such a mixture of emotions--happiness, sadness, panic, regret, anxiety, etc.  Happiness about getting to be in the amazing town of Oxford with amazing people, sadness because everyone had to say goodbye to their best friends, panic because I will have to face this next year, regret because I have realized that some of my relationships in college have been too shallow and meaningless for how short of a time I have with them, anxiety due to my plan-less future, and well, you get the picture.  I've definitely had lots to contemplate while I've been waiting to begin babysitting, and I'm praying that this summer will be a perfect time to prepare in all aspects for the upcoming senior year.

And on that note I will leave you with a picture of the siblings on grad day:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Yes, I do realize it has been an entire semester since I've blogged, and quite frankly it's hard to grasp my mind around that fact because it feels like summer was yesterday and I decided to blog away my adventures. Obviously I'm not the best blogger, but I do feel like my absence has resulted in more time for wisdom and adventures.  This past semester was quite unique.  My grades were actually really good, and I can't recall anything bad really happening.  The semester was full of CSF parties, SLC meetings, studying, a trip to Oxford, Mississippi, enjoying Fall for the first time through pumpkin carving and apple orchard outings, movie watching, and friend bonding.  Here are some pictures that will probably describe these events better:

And unfortunately all my pictures aren't loading so these will have to do for the time-being.  I WILL be posting again soon because I forgot how much I enjoyed starting this blog.  Until we meet again...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Full Circle

Recently, I've been finding out that I have a lack of words to describe this summer.  People always ask how you're doing, how your summer is going, what all you've been up to, etc., and I have nothing to tell them.  Not that nothing has happened but quite the opposite.  Since my last post, I traveled to see extended family in New Garden, Ohio, was in Maine for about a month, went to a wedding in Mississippi, and spent a week in Guatemala.  In two days I move into my dorm to begin my junior year in college.  Everything is almost overwhelming, in a good way I must add.  Since I already mentioned that I'm currently at a loss for words as to what's been going on in my life, I think I'll just add some pictures from my recent activities and let those be the thousands of words I cannot seem to find.  The few words I have resonated with are that this summer, my life has come full circle.

Kayaking my days away into the Maine sunsets

Sailing in Maine

Pit stop in Oxford, MS. One of the greatest places on earth

Getting to watch my sister be the maid of honor in our friend Morgan's wedding

Getting to hang out with my oldest friend in the whole entire world

 Getting to hang out with this guy for a week :)

And getting to love on my second family

Full Circle.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

bad moods, blessings, best friends, and birthdays

So I've been all inspired recently to make positive new changes in my life.  Most recently, I've started "counting my blessings."  I realized how much I take the little things, which in reality are gigantic miracles, for granted.  For example, sunsets, sunrises, wildflowers, and rain-showers.  Each are blessings from God and I don't want to become desensitized to them.  I started making a list each day and it's been awesome.  However, Monday morning came along with my terrible mood.  And I had no problem letting everyone know about it too.  I was bitter about having company staying in my room, which caused me to move in with my sister.  I was sad about leaving for the rest of the summer.  All I wanted to do was spend as much time with my friends as I could before saying goodbye.  I forced myself to take a nap in hopes that I would try the whole "waking up on the other side of the bed" deal again.  Didn't completely work.

Moving on.  I ended up going to hang out with a friend after tutoring which started to lift my spirits.  However, I definitely was not ready for what awaited me upon my return home.  I walked in on my first surprise birthday party, not to mention my 3rd birthday party ever.  My friends knew I was sad about leaving and wanted to all be able to celebrate with me before I left.  I am convinced I have the best friends in the entire world.  God WOULD turn my worst day of the summer into a night I'll always remember :)

The initial surprise...

This girl. Words can't describe :)

And the rest of the night was history...

Thank you to all who helped make this happen :)